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Time to train

Most of the major fitness products on the market require a major time commitment. If you think about it, though, this only makes sense. Getting into great shape is not something that can be done overnight, and spending the time to work out for a few months is a great trade off for a better body.

For those who have less time, though, it might be more important to find a way to stay healthy and fit without sacrificing so much time. If you are looking for such a product, the 10-Minute Trainer might be your best bet. Brought to you by those who created the P90X workout, this workout is a unique way to stay in shape while only spending a few minutes each day working out.

10 Minute Trainer WorkoutWhat is the 10-Minute Trainer?

The 10-Minute Trainer is a fitness product brought to the world by Tony Horton. Unlike his P90X product, this is not meant to be a fitness process that will change your body in a short period of time. Rather, this product can help those who are in poor shape or are new to exercising to lose weight and to maintain at least a minimum level of fitness.

The program itself makes use of many of the same principles that were found in P90X and even the other workout: Insanity by Shaun T; but also relies on the so-called “Super Stacking” technique. This technique consists of working out multiple groups of muscles at one time, shortening the workouts and allowing individuals to get in shape faster. While it is not a cure for every physical ill, it is a good workout for those who have a limited amount of time to work out.

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What Do You Need?

The great news about this product is that there are no extra required items to use. The product comes with the DVD and medium resistance bands, both of which are needed to complete the various exercises. Unlike P90X, there is no extra recommended equipment, no dumbbells or chin-up bars, and certainly no mats or heart monitors.

Those with a bit of extra cash might want to invest in a nice yoga mat for some of the exercises, but they are certainly not required. It is important to note, though, that a bit of workout space will be ideal for this product.

While you can probably accomplish most of the workouts in a dorm room or hotel room, a dedicated workout space will help you to get the full range of motion that you need to get the most out of these exercises. Whether or not you have this available should not change your decision about buying the product, of course, but it is usually helpful to have adequate space when you choose to work out. If nothing else, it will make sticking to the program somewhat easier.

Timed workoutThe Schedule

The 10-Minute Trainer is largely sold by talking about its low time commitment, so it is usually smart to take a bit of time to talk about the real schedule behind the product. The first and perhaps most important thing to note is that the product really can be finished in about ten minutes every day.

The fifty minute workout DVD includes eight different workout sets, each of which takes about ten minutes to complete. This means that those who are targeting specific exercise patterns really can complete their goals in about ten minutes every day.

However, the program is not really intended to take ten minutes to complete. You are supposed to work your way up to completing multiple workouts in a single session, with average sessions including two to four workouts.

This means that the realistic time commitment will be closer to something like P90X or Insanity, though consumers do have a choice as to how far they wish to push themselves before stopping. Given that there is no set period of time over which these videos are meant to be used, those who buy the product have a bit more control over their schedules than is found elsewhere.

The Benefits of the 10-Minute Trainer

It would not be a 10-Minute Trainer review if the amount of workout time was not listed as a major bonus, and the system really does deliver those short workouts. If you have very little time available for working out, this is absolutely one of the best fitness products on the market.

While you will not necessarily achieve maximum progress if you only stick to the initial ten minute workout programs, you can still get in shape without devoting much of your life to the process of getting fit. This may not be a miracle product for those who are very busy, but it is as close to a time-compressed training session as anyone is likely to be able to find.

Another great selling point of the product is the fact that it is developed by the same man who gave the world P90X. This means that it not only has a bit of a pedigree, but that the exercises included within actually work.

The exercises used in 10-Minute Trainer are rather similar to those found in P90X, and the tape series features a compressed version of the same variety found in the larger program. This can allow you a great chance to get in shape through the use of very effective exercises, and it can give you a better chance to push your body in a ten minute period than you might otherwise find.

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The Downsides of the Ten Minute Trainer

One of the major complains about this Beachbody product is the price. At ninety dollars, it is three-quarters of the price of P90X but includes much less actual material in comparison. Given that the program consists simply of a fifty-minute DVD and a resistance band, some consumers have found the price to be not quite worthwhile.

If you are looking to lose weight on a budget or if you are the kind of person that requires value for your money, you might want to consider buying another product. The other major issue with the product is the fact that it offers little in the way of explanation.

While most of the workouts are fairly simple for those who have tried other fitness programs, the 10-Minute Trainer workout does seem to have a few exercises that are simply too complex for beginners. This might be easily overlooked if there was some kind of instruction included, but the program does seem to assume that every consumer already knows what to do.

This means that most buyers will have to watch the DVDs at least once before starting the program, a good bit of time that might be more reasonably used working out.

Little too expensiveIs it Worth It?

Whether or not the Beachbody 10-Minute Trainer is worth buying is dependent upon the needs of the individual. As most 10-Minute Trainer reviews are quick to point out, this is not a product that will build muscle and get you into fantastic shape quickly.

If you want that, you are better off looking at more intense products like P90X or Insanity. If you want to get in shape and only have a limited amount of time per day, though, this might be the product for you. It also helps to have supplements in place such as Shakeology by Beachbody.

It is certainly more useful than a brief jog or a few rounds with the dumbbells, and it might teach you more about how to stay fit. If you are willing to make use of the DVDs and can work your way up through the process, this might be the perfect exercise program for you that opens the gate to true fitness.

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