Insanity Workout – A 50 Day Test & Review

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Insanity Workout – A Review And Comparison

Hey hey there…

Mike Long here on behalf of myself and Greg Morrison who just completed the Insanity workout…

Here’s the scoop:

I want to welcome you to Day 1 of your 2-Motivated Guys Field Reports on the Insanity and P90x workout programs.

Greg and I are creating these live Field Reports for you to share the real-world journey of two-motivated-guys through these crazy…but amazingly effective home workouts…

There are a few reasons we’ve created this for you:

  • Motivation: We’re taking this journey with you, so it will help motivate us by sharing with you. Likewise you’ll feel more motivated walking this road with us.
  • Accountability: By doing this online journal it helps keep us accountable to you, and to each other. Likewise we’ll help hold you accountable by sharing the important steps that we take.
  • Recognition: As time progresses we’re going to also share and recognize the success of the individuals like you who are reading our online journal, because health is a critical but often daunting task! You deserve a hand too!

Here’s the story:

Just like there are stories of folks struggling with their health, there are also stories of total triumph out there. And in this first field report we tracked down a motivated guy named Aaron, who has totally turned his life around.

6-months ago Aaron was chowing down on 10,000 calories PER DAY of complete junk food! He works at Pizza Hut and he had turned himself into the unofficial lunch buffet disposal machine!

Now just have a look and listen at how astonishingly far Aaron has come in part to the “Insanity like” P90x workout:


Today, folks who haven’t seen Aaron in a few months can’t believe their eyes! Because Aaron has not only shed 115-pounds…but he’s added mounds of rock solid muscle.

Great job Aaron!

Now before we go on, may I tell you a just a little bit about me and Greg?…

We’re both reasonably successful business guys. But we’re also totally normal when it comes to health. In fact if anything we’re starting out a little behind the curve because we both work long hours from our computers.

We don’t even leave the house to go to work! So to say that we’ve gotten a little soft, at least before this all began, is fair.

But we do have one big thing going for us: We are MOTIVATED!

In fact, Greg has already completed the Insanity workout and gives his review below:


Now I just started P90x TODAY…

…And if you’re wondering if I’m worn out…YES!

I’ll get more into my motivation and behind the scenes stuff starting tomorrow, but for now I’ll just say that I did chest and back today, and my chest and back are sore, and I’m more than a little tired…

…But I’m also GLAD that I got started and excited to share what comes next with you tomorrow!

Ok that’s all about us for now!

See you tomorrow!…

Mike Long

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